HomePod radio streaming arrives on September 30th

Multi-user, handoffs and a new Ambient Sounds feature will have to wait.

Apple didn't really discuss the HomePod at its iPhone 11 event, but there was still some news that (almost) slipped under the radar. The tech firm quietly updated the HomePod's product page to reveal that the vaunted radio streaming feature will reach the smart speaker on September 30th. TuneIn, iHeartRadio and will offer 100,000 global radio stations just by asking Siri. Given that this is considered a staple of other smart speakers, it'll be both welcome and overdue. For other features, though, you'll have to sit tight.

The same page also noted that multi-user support and music handoffs are coming "later this fall." There's also a new-to-HomePod Ambient Sounds feature that will play birdsong, rain and other relaxing recordings without resorting to apps, but it too will have to wait until later in the season. Apple's speaker should represent a better value in the future -- just not as soon as many would have liked.

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