Indie darling 'To the Moon' makes its console debut in January

The game's developer had previously aimed to launch the game on Switch this summer.

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Igor Bonifacic
September 12, 2019 10:00 PM
XD Network
XD Network

Indie darling To the Moon will launch on Nintendo Switch on January 16th. Developer XD Network and publisher Freebird Games shared the revised release date in a new YouTube teaser. The title was previously set to launch this summer.

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If you've not played To the Moon, it's a meditative experience that explores human mortality. The story follows two charming doctors as they attempt to rebuild the memories of a dying man in order to fulfill his final wishes. In the process, they witness a heartwarming love story. Kevin Gao, the game's lead writer and developer, created the 2011 original using RPG Maker, a toolkit that makes it easy to create SNES-era JRPGs. For the Switch re-release, developer XD is recreating the game using Unity. If you simply can't wait to play the game on Switch, it's currently available on PC, as well as Android and iOS.

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Indie darling 'To the Moon' makes its console debut in January