Moog brings back its legendary Model 10 'compact' modular synth

The hand-built, limited edition synthesizer won't come cheap, though.

Moog regularly releases new and exciting instruments like the Matriarch and Sirin. But it also has a rich history of iconic instruments that it's not afraid to tap into. For example, the Minimoog Model D. But its latest adventure into its archives is a bit of a different beast. Rather than bring back an iconic keyboard found on countless pop records, it's reviving the Model 10 -- a "compact" modular synth built around the 900-Series Oscillator that was the foundation of Wendy Carlos' immortal Switched-On Bach. (Editor's Note: Why is this not on any streaming services!?)

Now, when the Model 10 debuted in 1971 it was certainly a marvel of miniaturization. Most modular synths at the time could fill a whole wall. But the Model 10 is closer in size to a large piece of carry on luggage.

Inside its black tolex-covered wood cabinet are 11 different modules that can be connected in various ways create a whole world of rich synth tones. There are three 900-Series oscillators, as well as the legendary 907 Fixed Filter Bank, which is a large part of what gives vintage Moog synths their iconic sound.

All of these components are assembled and soldered by hand down in Asheville, NC. But the bad news: The Model 10 will only be available for a limited time and is being made to order. Those three things mean it does not come cheap. It's available through select Moog dealers starting at $9,950. So yeah, it's a hardcore enthusiasts only kind of purchase. But, that's probably a bargain compared to a vintage Model 10... if you can track one down that is.

Update 9/17/19 1:58PM ET: This story originally stated that the Model 10 was behind the sounds of Wendy Carlo's Switched-On Bach. It has been updated to more accurately reflect that the Series 900 Oscillator, found in the Model 10, was foundational to that album, rather than the Model 10 itself.

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