Zero's 2020 electric motorcycles include one that's loaded for adventures

The DSR Black Forest Edition was previously a Europe-only model.

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Zero Motorcycles
Zero Motorcycles

Imagine how people use Zero's electric motorbikes and you'll probably picture a commute to work or a quick blast through the countryside. Now, however, it's encouraging you to make longer-lasting journeys. The company has introduce a 2020 bike lineup headlined by the DSR Black Forest Edition (above), a previously EU-only ride that's now available worldwide. It adds three lockable cases, accessory bars, hand guards and a headlamp cover to the DSR formula. You'll have to structure your adventures around the Black Forest model's 157-mile range (196 miles if you add a Power Tank), but you're otherwise good to go for a beach party or even a weekend trip. Just be prepared to spend $18,995 for the privilege.

Other 2020 refreshes are focused more on wringing extra value (and range) out of the lineup, with a few perks. The DS has dipped to a relatively affordable $10,995 through its 7.2kWh, 82-mile battery, all the while adding more storage. Hop to the street-oriented SR and $15,495 now gets you a 14.4kWh Power Pack to extend your rides up to 223 miles -- the best range you'll get from the lineup this year, Zero said.

All the new bikes are available now. The updates probably won't make you cancel your Harley-Davidson Livewire order, but they could put these machines on your short list if earlier models weren't quite up to snuff for longer expeditions.

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