Watch Huawei's Mate 30 event right here

The new flagship might be unveiled with a bunch of other products.

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Mariella Moon
September 19th, 2019
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After all those Huawei product photos leaked over the past weeks, the company might have no surprises left in store for its Mate 30 event in Munich, Germany. Still, you can confirm all the rumored information that came out yourself by watching a live broadcast of the new flagship's unveiling in the video embedded below. The tech giant is expected to reveal four devices in the Mate 30 lineup, including what's most likely a feature-rich Pro model and its Lite counterpart.

A recent leak also revealed that the company may be unveiling not just a phone, but also a range of other devices: a Watch GT 2 smartwatch, a new fitness band, a TV, as well as the worldwide release of the MediaPad M6 Android tablet.

You can watch the Mate 30 unveiling below:

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