The Echo Glow is a $30 voice-controlled nightlight

You can ask Alexa to gradually dim the lamp as bedtime nears.

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Cherlynn Low
September 25th, 2019

Amazon continued its quest to stuff Alexa into every device imaginable today, announcing a slew of Echo products at its Seattle launch event. In addition to a new Echo, a high-end Echo Studio and Echo Dot with a digital clock built in, the company also showed off something called the Echo Glow. It's a ball of light that's about the size of an Echo Spot, and it can change colors based on your preferences or pulse in rhythm with the music.

As with most Echo products, you can control the Glow by connecting it to Alexa. You can tell the digital assistant to start Campfire Mode, which should mimic the warm, flickering lights of a bonfire. The light can also cycle through the colors of a rainbow, for example, or gradually dim to black as it approaches bedtime. If you're looking for a night light or a lamp for your child's room, you can pre-order the Echo Glow for $30 today.

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