'Fallout 76' will get a public test server in 2020

You can finally help iron out kinks in the game's features.

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Fallout 76's software quality has been... not-so-stellar. Soon, though, you might have a way to help address issues before they create another fiasco. Bethesda now plans to introduce a Public Test Server sometime in 2020. It won't share more about how the PTS will work until the company has "figured out" the quirks, but it's safe to say that at least some everyday users will put these early releases through their paces days or weeks before they're broadly available.

The developers are also working on more secure multi-factor authentication for Bethesda.net accounts for the end of 2019 and Perk Loadouts in early 2020. There's bad news for those hoping for the Legendary system, unfortunately. It was meant for 2019, but now isn't slated to appear until sometime in the first quarter of 2020.

This won't address deep-seated design choices, and it certainly won't fix flawed collector's items. It might, however, help Bethesda catch bugs and tweak play balance based on real-world conditions that are difficult for a QA team to replicate. You might see smoother rollouts, not to mention fewer gripes about those features that do work as intended.

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