Another Pixel 4 leak reveals a transcription-centric Recorder app

Let the app do the boring transcription for you.

Google's not doing a great job of keeping details of its forthcoming Pixel 4 quiet. Following leaks about its take on accessible Face ID, and more recently its car crash detection feature, new info has emerged about its updated Recorder app. At the moment, Google's simple Recorder app lets you record audio from a microphone, and not much else. But according to Mishaal Rahman at XDA Developers, it's set to get an upgrade that'll make it a lot more useful.

Now it seems that the app will include automatic transcription of audio, along with an audio search function that will you find specific words or phrases from any single recording. Rahman tested it out and while it's not 100 percent accurate, it appears to do a decent enough job of transcription -- certainly good enough to be valuable to anyone who deals with these kind of files on the reg.

Right now it looks like the only supported transcription language is US English, but the update also appears to support recognition for audio "events" such as applause, laughter and whistling. We'll have to wait to see what's what at Google's Pixel 4 event on October 15th, although at this rate there won't be many surprises left by then.