Facebook's Portal devices now support Workplace voice and video calls

New Workplace features include surveys and gamification elements.

Facebook's Portal has seen mixed responses, but the company's move into smart display and TV hardware has won praise for its video calling capabilities. However, the issue of privacy is never far behind, with the company coming under fire for having outside contractors listen in on voice commands.

Nevertheless, Facebook continues trying to persuade users to hop on the Portal bandwagon, rolling out the device to countries outside the US and adding adding support for news channels, recipes and games.

The latest feature coming to Portal is Workplace, Facebook's take on Slack. Workplace takes a different approach to enterprise chat than most apps, with an interface that looks more like a social media app than a work app.

At the company's Flow conference, it announced upcoming Workplace features including a Portal app. The Portal's Smart Camera automatically pans and zooms during video chat, making it well suited to video conferencing. Workplace will also gain an option to automatically add live video captions to aid accessibility and will get a new peer-to-peer video solution that should make video playback more seamless.

Other new Workplace features include the ability to send surveys, the option for admins to post "learning content" like best practice guides and an analytics platform for admins. There will also be gamification elements added like goals, thanks posts and badges.