Improved 'Apex Legends' training zone better prepares you for combat

You won't have to stumble across gear in live matches to try it out.

As much as Respawn has expanded Apex Legends' gameplay, its training area has remained... lackluster. You only get to play a single character and a sliver of the available gear, making it all too likely that you'll have to learn about an ability or weapon in the middle of a real match. That won't be a problem going forward. An upcoming revision of the training space, nicknamed the "firing range," will let you try any character, gun and ability in a controlled environment with practice dummies. You can even bring your friends in if you want to practice teamwork.

The development team isn't providing a firm release date beyond "coming soon." It's not as huge a revision as a new map or gameplay mode. However, it might help Apex Legends in the long run. Newcomers could have an easier time jumping into the game, increasing the chances that they'll stick around instead of bailing for battle royale titles that are either more familiar or have a gentler learning curve.