'Control' will let you photograph its beautiful Brutalist setting

The photo mode update arrives tomorrow.

Remedy Entertainment's Control quickly found a fanbase thanks in part to its strikingly eerie design. One of the most-requested features from players is a photo mode to help them capture the Oldest House's shifting Brutalist architecture in their own way. They won't have to wait too much longer for it, as the feature will arrive October 16th. Remedy previously said it'd be available in the fall.

You'll be able to access the photo mode from the options menu. It has two tabs using the filter one, you can hide protagonist Jesse and other characters if you're more interested in capturing the environments.

The camera tab includes options to adjust focus distance, field of view, aperture and depth of field. You can also roll the camera, perhaps to capture the action with some funky Dutch angles.

If you've completed the game, running through it again to find killer shots might help you pass the time until Control's DLC starts dropping. It'll start with the free Expeditions mode in December. Remedy plans to release paid expansions next year.