Google will offer whole-home Nest Aware subscription plans

You’ll be able to pay one monthly fee no matter how many devices you use.

Google's Nest Aware subscription plans let users record what's happening and get alerts from their Nest Cams and Nest Hello doorbells. Until now, you've had to add a subscription for each additional camera. Today, Google announced that it's simplifying things a bit. Beginning early next year, it will introduce whole-home subscriptions.

For a monthly fee, you'll be able to get Nest Aware support for your whole home, whether you have two cameras or ten. Google will offer two plan options: 30 days of event video history for $6 per month, or 60 days of event video history and 10 days of 24/7 video history for $12 per month. The company promises it will be easy to switch over from existing subscriptions, too.

Google announced a few other Nest Aware changes. You'll be able to get alerts from Google speakers and displays, like Nest Mini and Nest Hub. On-device AI will pick up critical noises, like barking dogs and smoke alarms, and a new Home Feed in the Google Home app will deliver notifications and snippets from all devices throughout the day. If there's an emergency, Nest Aware will allow you to call 911 services closest to your home, even if you're far away.

Update 10/15/19 11:00AM ET: This story was updated with pricing and additional info from Google.

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