Google's Nest doorbell knows when your packages arrive

You might not have to worry about missing an order.

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Nicole Lee/Engadget
Nicole Lee/Engadget

It can be nerve-wracking if you're waiting for a package to reach home -- just because you received a "delivered" alert doesn't mean it'll be where you wanted it, or that it'll still be there when you get to your door. Google may ease your worries after today. It's rolling out package detection to all Nest Hello doorbell owners in the US with Nest Aware subscriptions. You'll get an alert when a box reaches your doorstep, and another when someone (hopefully a person in your household) picks it up. You can specify activity zones if you know there's a preferred drop-off spot, such as one side of your front porch.

The feature should be available before August 27th is over. It'll be enabled by default when you get it, but you can turn it off through the Nest app. This isn't a surefire defense against package thieves by any stretch. You'll want someone present at home if it's a can't-miss purchase. You might not have to watch the front door like a hawk, though, and this might help you find out if someone did swipe your parcel before you could grab it.

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