We're live at the Made by Google 2019 launch event!

Follow along as we get our first official look at all of Google's new hardware.

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It's a beautiful, Fall day in New York City, and there's no better way to start it off than with a coffee, a long queue of journalists outside The Shed, and the promise of some new Google hardware.

Well, we say "some," but the company likely has a lot to show off over the next few hours. The Pixel 4 and 4XL may have set new records for pre-release leaks, and they'll certainly be here today with their big foreheads and Soli motion sensing radar arrays. It's a safe bet we'll see a few Google Home Minis -- sorry, Nest Minis -- adorning the walls, too. And since Google couldn't do any worse than last year's Pixel Slate, the new, more traditional Pixelbook Go should seem like a smart return to form when it's revealed later today.

But wait! There's (probably) more! We might get to see Google flesh out its in-home mesh network ambitions with the new Nest Wifi, and some new Pixel Buds may break cover, too. Seems that Google, like Amazon, has a little something for everyone today -- to learn all about the company's announcements as they happen, keep your browser locked here for our live coverage, starting at 10AM Eastern/7AM Pacific.

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