The 'Narcos' game is coming to PC and consoles in November

Side with the DEA or Escobar in this tactical title.

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Curve Digital/Kuju
Curve Digital/Kuju

If you've liked Narcos enough to wish you could step into its (frankly terrifying) world of drug lords and DEA agents, you'll soon have your chance. Curve Digital and Kuju are releasing their long-in-the-making Narcos: Rise of the Cartels game on November 19th for PC and PS4, November 21st for the Switch and November 22nd for Xbox One. The tactical, turn-based title revolves around the first season of Netflix's show and has you siding with either Pablo Escobar as he builds the Medellin Cartel or the DEA agents (and Colombian government) trying to take him down.

The core gameplay style appears to be similar to X-Com and other tactical titles, but there are a few twists. It's a class-based game where special characters (like Murphy for the DEA or El Mexicano/Gacha for the Cartel) have unique abilities and bonuses. You can also take direct control of characters at crucial moments, and occasionally move them multiple times in one turn. It's far too soon to say if this is truly more than a turn-based game with cocaine thrown in, but it's more in-depth than other Netflix tie-ins.

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