Spotify will alert you to new music with sponsored pop-ups

Artists will have another way to promote their latest tunes during this test.

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Kris Holt
October 24th, 2019

Spotify is testing another way for artists to promote their music, but it's one that might annoy users. Artists and their teams will be able to sponsor the Brand New Music for You pop-ups in the mobile apps to let fans know about music they just released.

Until now, Spotify has offered recommendations of new music to its users through the pop-ups, based on their listening tastes as well as the insights of its curation team. The test will take place in the US, and you'll still only see recommendations for artists you follow or listen to regularly.

Sure, there might be less chance that you miss out on a new album from one of your favorite bands until you hear about it elsewhere weeks after release, but the pop-ups might get irritating if you see them more often than before. You'll be able to turn them off completely or for a particular artist (say, one who drops mixtapes regularly), but only if you're a Premium subscriber.

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