Sony confirms that it has not rolled out the Apple TV app to its TVs (updated)

Apple is bringing its app to more platforms, but not Sony just yet.

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When the redesigned Apple TV app arrived in May, it was compatible with Samsung smart TVs, as well as the expected Apple products. Apple promised that the app would eventually work on more platforms, and in the past weeks, it's arrived on Roku and Amazon's Fire TV Stick devices. 9to5Mac reported that the Apple TV app is available on some Sony smart TVs -- but Sony has confirmed that the app was never released and that the screenshot in the 9to5Mac report is not from a Sony television.

The Apple TV app rolling out to other smart TV sets will allow users to access Apple TV+, the company's new streaming service, which launches on November 1st. In a push to bring Apple TV+ to more customers, the company will make the app available on Amazon Fire TV, LG and VIZIO platforms in the near future.

Correction 11/1/19 1:15PM ET: This post has been updated to note that Sony has refuted the original report this story was based on. The story has been modified to remove any incorrect information and we apologize for the confusion.

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