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Dropbox adds Extensions for Gmail, WhatsApp, Vimeo and more

Do more with files already stored in Dropbox.

Dropbox introduced Extensions last year to help mitigate the fuss of switching between apps -- the new function let users take action directly on files stored within Dropbox. Now, the company has announced it's doubling the number of Extensions with 13 new and updated partner apps.


Now, you'll be able to add files to messages in Gmail, Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, WhatsApp and Line Works. You can also use Vimeo to capture feedback and distribute videos, use Clipchamp and WeVideo to edit, create and publish videos, and bring media files into Canva before saving finished work back into Dropbox.

Other new partners include FreshBooks, for managing expenses, DocSend, for tracking document workflow, and Notarize, for signing and notarizing documents. These Extensions are available today, and Dropbox says it's planning on adding even more partner apps next year, as well as support for additional languages.