'The Witcher' will debut on Netflix December 20th

A new trailer shows Henry Cavill in monster hunter mode... and in a bathtub.

Netflix's upcoming adaptation of The Witcher series of fantasy novels has a full trailer and, at long last, a release date. As you might expect if you're familiar with the books or the series of games based on them, the show will feature monsters, sword-swinging action and magical powers, some of which you see in the trailer.

Perhaps more importantly, it offers an introduction to protagonist Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), and provides a little detail on what a witcher actually is in the show's universe -- a roving, mutated monster hunter for hire. It leans into a meme from The Witcher 3 as well, with a scene featuring Geralt in a bathtub. You can immerse yourself in The Witcher when it hits the service December 20th.