Uber expands its Pro reward scheme to Uber Eats delivery people

Top drivers are eligible for free tuition and free Subway sandwiches.

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Georgina Torbet
October 31st, 2019
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Horacio Villalobos via Getty Images
Horacio Villalobos via Getty Images

For the past year, Uber has been fighting back against the perception that it treats it employees poorly with its Uber Pro program. Under the scheme, top drivers in the US, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, France and New Zealand are eligible for rewards like free tuition and discounted car maintenance costs. Now, the rewards are being expanded to Uber Eats delivery partners as well.

The free tuition is for online classes at Arizona State University so drivers can work towards an undergraduate degree. There are more than 80 undergraduate degree programs available from the university as well as eight levels of English language courses and a certificate in entrepreneurship. Drivers can take the courses themselves, or offer the courses to a family member.

In addition, Uber is partnering with Subway to offer free six-inch subs, drinks and cookies to Pro drivers. The Daily Snack scheme offers free food from 10,000 participating Subway locations which will be displayed on the driver app.

To qualify for Uber Pro, drivers must maintain extremely high customer ratings, and they must collect points in a tiered system to claim the rewards.

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