Airbnb will verify every listing in the name of safety

It wants to reassure guests that they're not in danger.

Airbnb isn't done implementing safety features in the wake of the Halloween shooting in Orinda, California. The home rental service's Brian Chesky has revealed that the company will review every listed property to give people "peace of mind." This will include basics like address and photos as well as the authenticity of the hosts and a location's safety standards. The review should be complete by the end of 2020, Chesky said.

The company had already promised close reviews of high-risk rentals, such as people renting giant homes when they live in the area. The Halloween shooting occurred at an estate that was ostensibly rented for a family gathering, but was really used to host a party with more than 100 guests.

To back up the review process, Airbnb will also implement a "guest guarantee" if your rental doesn't match the description. You'll either get an alternative that's worth at least as much as what you paid or, if that isn't available, a full refund.

As with the policy changes unveiled in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, there's a degree of damage control involved. Airbnb doesn't want would-be customers to believe that violence or scams are relatively commonplace. This could root out misleading entries that would otherwise go unnoticed, though. If there's a concern, it's whether or not there will be ongoing reviews. Homeowners and rentals change, and a one-time review might not help if new shady rentals go unreported.