Twitch makes it easier for first-time streamers to get started

The Twitch Studio app includes custom overlays, built-in activity feeds and more.

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Twitch wants to make streamer easier for newbies. Launching today, the Twitch Studio is a new streaming app designed to help gamers go live for the first time with minimal fuss or to up their game if they're still new to the scene. Features include a guided setup, where mics, webcams, monitor resolution and bitrates are detected automatically for the best sound and display, and customizable templates, where streamers can choose from loads of starter layouts and pre-built overlays.

The studio also features integrated alerts, making it easy to monitor and interact with communities using Twitch's built-in activity feed and chat. It's a well-timed launch, as Google's Stadia will arrive soon with similar built-in streaming features that could have had the potential for luring rookie streamers away from Twitch. The Twitch Studio app launches in open beta today, for PC users with Windows 7 or above.

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