Amazon's 'Lord of the Rings' TV show is already renewed for season two

No you didn't miss anything -- season one hasn't even started filming yet.

While season one of Amazon's Lord of the Rings TV series hasn't started filming yet, Deadline reports there's already plans for season two. In fact, the industry outlet reports that the plan right now is to shoot the first couple of episodes of season one, then take a "four to five month break" while working out scripts and approach for the rest of the first two seasons.

Recently, we saw Apple had signed up early for second seasons of its original TV shows, and Variety reports that while Amazon greenlit the show for two seasons, it wasn't fully locked in until now. Like the movies, the series will film in New Zealand and production won't be cheap, so it's important to get everything right before the cameras roll. From what we've heard, it will cover a time period well before the books and movies, and the cast still hasn't been fully filled out. Deadline speculated that renewing the show early and planning a long hiatus in the middle of shooting could let the streamer squeeze footage for season two in during S1, or shoot both seasons back-to-back.