Spotify will give you podcast recommendations in a daily playlist

Your Daily Podcasts joins Spotify's expanding list of algorithmically-generated playlists.

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Spotify's push into the world of podcasts is paying off, with the service seeing what it describes as "exponential growth in podcast hours streamed" this year. The company doesn't want listeners to run out of podcast material though, so it's introducing a new recommendation feature called Your Daily Podcasts to help them discover new shows.

Spotify Your Daily Podcasts
Spotify Your Daily Podcasts

Similar to the algorithmically-generated Discover Weekly and Daily Mix music playlists, Your Daily Podcasts is a regularly refreshed list of recommended podcast episodes, based on previous listening habits. The recommendations include new episodes of listeners' favorite podcasts, sequential episodes of older podcasts that listeners are catching up on, standalone episodes and timely episodes from daily updating podcasts.

Spotify even promises to help listeners avoid spoilers by recommending trailers or pilot episodes of story-driven podcasts before later episodes.

The Your Daily Podcasts feature is available now for free and premium Spotify users in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. You can find the playlist in Made For You section of the Spotify app.