Mixer streamers can limit clip-making to their regular viewers

It's also easier to trim a clip and capture the right moment.

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Casey Rodgers/Invision/AP
Casey Rodgers/Invision/AP

Ask livestreamers about their gripes and they'll probably complain about the glut of user-made clips. It's not uncommon to see multiple clips for the same event, seemingly pointless clips or even creepy clips that take moments out of context. Microsoft might have a way to prevent those junk videos in the future, however. Partnered Mixer streamers now have the option of restricting clip creation to people who've achieved a minimum rank in their channels. If you're a broadcaster, you could use this to limit clips to regular viewers and keep out the trolls.

If you're a viewer, you'll have a better shot at producing quality clips. You can trim clips to specific sections and preview the results before you publish them. You're limited to at least 15 seconds and a maximum 60 seconds, but you'll have a better chance of preserving a hilarious moment than you did before. Mixer is offering the new clip editor alongside the old one for a "short time" to ease the transition.

To some extent, Microsoft needs these tools. Now that it has high-profile streamers like Ninja and Shroud on Mixer, it's dealing with a flood of users who might be new to the service (or new to these streamers, at least). This could help partnered streamers manage their channels and inrease the chances a given clip will be worth keeping.

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