Tidal’s My Video Mix creates video playlists based on your listening habits

The company offers a visual take on the algorithmic playlist.

Tidal is launching a new twist on the usual computer-generated playlists we've seen from the likes of Spotify and Google. And it's doing so with a video-focused feature called My Video Mix. Like Spotify with its collection of "Made For You playlists, Tidal says it will create video playlists with an algorithm that's "influenced" by its expert editorial team. To do so, Tidal's algorithm will also take into account your audio listening habits.

Once the feature is live on your device, you'll see a total of eight different video playlists. Each will feature a different collection of associated artists and genres. Additionally, the more frequently you listen to music on Tidal, the more quickly the playlists will update with new content. Of course, you can save any one particular playlist if you want to listen to it later or offline. Alongside the new feature, Tidal has added a dedicated Videos tab. On mobile, you can access the tab via the bottom menu.

At first glance, Tidal's focus on video is a bit of a head-scratcher. But Tidal's video library is a strength of the service, and the company needs to find ways to set itself apart from the competition in ways that don't involve people paying more to use the service.

If you've been on the fence about Tidal for a while, now's a good time to check out the service. The company is currently offering four-month premium and HiFi subscriptions for $1 and $2 respectively -- that's $1 and $2 for the entire four-month period, not per month. Normally, those subscriptions would cost you $40 and $80 over the same time frame. Just note that the offer is only available to new subscribers.