Enhanced 'Persona 5 Royal' comes to the US March 31st

The updated JRPG will be available in several physical and digital versions.

Persona 5 fans in Japan have had a little over a month to delve into an expanded version of the title after it debuted there at the end of October. It was always going to be the case that fans elsewhere would have to wait longer for Persona 5 Royal, but we now know when it'll be available on PS4 in North America, Europe and Australia: March 31st.

The JRPG's story promises to be even more in-depth this time around, with additional abilities, locations, friend encounters, puzzles and characters to discover. You'll get to try more activities, such as snooker and darts, along with extra dating spots. There'll be added PS4 Pro optimizations too. English voiceovers or Japanese dialogue are both available, and all of the original Persona 5 DLC will be included.

You'll have various Persona 5 Royal versions to choose from. The $60 Launch Edition includes a steelbook case and a PS4 theme code. The $90 Phantom Thieves Edition, meanwhile, includes those goodies along with a Joker mask, art book, soundtrack and collector's box. As for digital bundles, the $70 Deluxe Edition includes a Royal Kasumi costume pack, while the $100 Ultimate Edition has all the DLC and six more costume packs. Digital pre-orders will also include an original Persona 5 Royal theme.

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