Uber passengers in California can 'favorite' drivers

The company has introduced a number of new features for its CA drivers.

Uber is getting some new features in California. While the favorite driver option has been live in the UK for some time, passengers in CA will, from early 2020, have the option to bookmark drivers they'd like to ride with again. Drivers will also now be given more trip information upfront -- such as a passenger's ultimate destination -- allowing them to make more informed decisions about the rides they accept. Finally, drivers will be able to accept only the trips they want to take without it affecting their Uber Pro status.

According to Uber, these changes are designed to help drivers "build their business" on the platform, and "earn on their own terms." The company also says it has plans to make fare structures more straightforward in the coming months -- all undoubtedly moves to appease the drivers and civil rights groups that continue to shine a spotlight on Uber's controversial gig economy policies.