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Klipsch's true wireless earbuds charge in a Zippo-like case

The company is showcasing a range of audio gear at CES.

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Klipsch will showcase a range of audio gear at CES, including true wireless earbuds that charge in a case more stylish than most. At $199, the T5 True Wireless set will cost you $40 more than AirPods, though the charging case certainly catches the eye more than Apple's option.

The earbuds have oval tips and should last for around eight hours on a single charge, though that Zippo-style case can provide another 24 hours worth of power. You'll need to wait until at least June before you can pick up a pair for yourself.

Klipsch T5 Neckband

Klipsch's T5 line includes a variety of earphones, including a wired set, tethered wireless earbuds and a neckband option. They'll cost between $59-199 and will be available in the spring. The company also plans to show off five new soundbars and more Heritage Wireless speakers.

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