Klipsch speakers are getting Alexa and Google Assistant voice control

Get ready to speak commands to the company's multi-room audio line.

Voice control was all the rage at CES 2017, and this year's show appears to continue the trend. This time, another big name in audio is getting into the game: Klipsch. The company will have options for both Alexa and Google Assistant, so you'll have some choice when it comes to the new feature and new audio gear.

For Alexa integration, Klipsch is employing Amazon's Connected Speaker APIs to enable you to control its speakers with commands spoken to any device equipped with the virtual assistant -- like the Echo or Echo Dot. Any of Klipsch's Stream wireless multi-room speakers can take advantage, including Reference RSB-14 and RSB-8 sound bars, the Three Heritage wireless speaker, RW-1 wireless speaker and both the Gate and PowerGate amps. While there's no definite arrival date just yet, the company says current owners can expect a free firmware update to deliver Alexa controls in "early 2018."

As far as Google Assistant goes, Klipsch will debut new versions of its Three and One Heritage series speakers with the voice controls in tow. While the new Three is slated to arrive this fall for $499 (same price as the current model), the One with Google's virtual assistant won't ship until spring 2019. And when the One does arrive, it'll cost $50 more than the regular model that's available now at $349. Even with the longer wait, Klipsch will have some of the better looking options for voice-controlled audio gear when those two devices start shipping.

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