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John Romero's 'Doom' level pack gets pushed back to April

'Sigil' is a 'spiritual successor' to the game's fourth episode.
Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
02.19.19 in Art
Romero Games

Late last year, Doom co-creator John Romero announced plans to release a new pack of levels for the game more than 25 years after its debut. Sigil is a "spiritual successor" to the game's fourth episode containing nine multiplayer levels and nine single-player levels. While it will be released for free to everyone with a licensed copy of the original, Romero is selling two limited edition box versions, and now he confirmed that a delay in production has caused the release date to slip until April.

The downloads won't be available until after people who pre-ordered can get their Beast Box packages with artwork, custom USB sticks, t-shirt and other tidbits, so everyone has to wait. Hopefully after 25 years, a few more weeks won't be too much, although given Doom's accessibility for modding and the tools available, players can always use the time to play previously-released .WADs or work on a few levels of their own like its 1993 all over again.

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