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Recommended Reading: Coachella was built for YouTube

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Billy Steele
04.20.19 in Internet

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Amy Harris/Invision/AP

Coachella 2019 review: A festival built for YouTube
Paul A. Thompson,

For years, Coachella's opening weekend has been a huge event for YouTube. A weekend's worth of livestreams don't deliver all of the acts to your living room, but the site typically offers a lot of the big names so you don't have to travel to the desert. Pitchfork explains how the festival is now designed just as much for the viewers at home in its review of the 2019 event. "Especially after Beyoncé's Earth-rattling set last year, some stars and would-be stars lunged at the chance to make statements with their performances over the weekend, with productions designed to appeal as much to live streamers as to the crowd at Indio, California's Empire Polo Club," the site notes. And perhaps no one went all-in this year as much as Childish Gambino.

We built an 'unbelievable' (but
legal) facial recognition machine

Sahil Chinoy,
The New York Times

And the best... er, most terrifying part is that it was pretty easy to do, and only cost around $60.

Behind the process of Helvetica's 21st century facelift
William Joel,
The Verge

Helvetica is praised by many as the "perfect" font, and it has been a popular choice of designers for decades. Now there's a new version, updated to work just as well for smartwatch screens and billboards.

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