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Oculus' next-gen Quest and Rift S headsets go on sale May 21st

You can pre-order the VR gear now in 22 countries.

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Nicole Lee/Engadget

After months upon months of waiting, Oculus is finally ready to deliver its next generation of VR headsets. Both the stand-alone Oculus Quest and PC-dependent Oculus Rift S will be available to buy on May 21st in 22 countries, with pre-orders starting today (April 30th). Amazon, Best Buy, Microsoft and Walmart are among the outlets carrying both devices. The Rift S is available in just one $399 trim, while the Quest starts at $399 for a version with 64GB of built-in storage, and $499 for 128GB of space.

Oculus added that several games are now in line for the Quest on launch day, including well-known examples like Angry Birds VR, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and Thumper. Some of these will support cross-purchasing with the Rift, if you're in the rare position of having both headset types.

Whichever headset you choose, the primary allure is the built-in room-scale tracking -- you don't need external equipment to walk around virtual spaces in an immersive way. Things diverge after that, of course. The Quest is a completely wireless, independent headset for those willing to trade power (it's using a mobile CPU) for a lower overall cost and freedom of movement. The Rift S, meanwhile, is a sort of side-step for PC-based VR fans. It has higher-resolution displays than the original Rift as well as a wider field of view, but it's using LCDs instead of OLED screens and uses a lower 80Hz refresh rate. You're more likely to buy the Rift S as a newcomer to VR than a veteran upgrading from an existing headset.

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