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Image credit: Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony releases its 'God of War' making-of documentary on YouTube

'Raising Kratos' explores the five-year development process for the hit game.
Kris Holt, @krisholt
05.10.19 in AV

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Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment

God of War was one of the biggest games of last year. It was among the top ten best-selling titles of 2018 and it scooped up numerous plaudits, including the top prize at the Game Awards and a coveted spot among Engadget's favorite games of the year. Bringing the game to life took an immense effort, and it took Sony's Santa Monica Studio a long time to revamp the action-adventure series for PS4.

Sony has released a two-hour, behind-the-scenes documentary called Raising Kratos, which delves into the five-year development process of God of War. It hit YouTube today, and you can watch it right here.

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