Sleep Number’s Climate360 bed adjusts to suit your body temperature

It can both cool and warm to suit temperature changes as you sleep.

Many people get plenty of sleep, but still don't feel fully rested. And there are always companies looking fix our sleeping woes. Sleep Number's mattresses have focused on providing the ideal level of firmness for a specific person's sleep style to remedy this, but the company's newest product will take things a step further. The forthcoming Climate360 mattress will use "microclimates" to apparently reduce how often you wake up during the night by keeping your body at the right temperature. With both heating and cooling functions, the mattresses will automatically adjust your body temperature according to sleep cycles for deeper rest.

The Climate360 mattress will have two temperature zones, so couples can each target the temperature that's right for them. Sleep Number told Engadget that "the temperature balancing properties of the Climate360 smart bed are found in the materials of the bed itself and feature advanced textile surfaces and phase change materials." This technology works with a ducting system that aids in both heating and cooling. Daily reports will provide insight into how well you slept, and will include metrics like heart rate variability, circadian rhythm and breathing.

The Climate360 isn't coming until 2021, but in the meantime an update to the existing Sleep Number 360 mattress will add "temperature balancing layers" that minimize hot and cold fluctuations and improve sleep quality. While this doesn't sound remotely as advanced as the Climate360's active heating and cooling, it should help control your temperature to some extent. The company's SleepIQ technology, which is built into all Sleep Number 360 beds, will now provide better recommendations on how to improve sleep and wellness by monitoring cardiovascular and respiratory health, sleep and wake times and heart rate variability.

Sleep is an important -- yet overlooked -- part of a healthy lifestyle. Apps and wearables have tried to help people get better rest, but a mattress that actively keeps two people at their ideal individual temperatures could be even more effective. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until 2021 to see how well Sleep Number's Climate360 delivers on its promise.