We're live at Samsung's CES 2020 keynote!

Samsung is playing things a little differently this year.

Samsung's press conferences have always been all about spectacle, and few places are more spectacular than Las Vegas this time of year. We're expecting a few more surprises this time than usual, though. Yes, you'd be right to expect a slew of TV announcements, not to mention some updated laptops and a few smart appliances, too. What's less conventional is the fact that Samsung already announced mid-range versions of their flagship phones, invited us to yet another smartphone launch event, and has basically confirmed its plans to start making life-like virtual people. It's not supposed to be anything like the oft-maligned Bixby, but apart from that, your guess is as good as ours.

Thankfully, the time for speculation is nearly over. If you're dying to hear Samsung outline its wins in 2019 and lay out how "devices enabled by AI, cutting-edge semi-conductor chipsets and 5G present new experiences and change our lives", keep your browser locked right here. The event kicks off at 9:30PM Eastern/6:30PM Pacific, and you can count on us liveblogging every announcement right here.