GoPro's fix for grounded Karma drones is coming 'within a week'

Numerous operators have been unable to fly since the New Year.

GoPro has found the problem that grounded its Karma drones with some kind of 2K20 GPS bug since the beginning of the year, it said in a blog post. Better still, the company is now testing a fix and expects to release a firmware update "within a week" that will resolve the problem.

Numerous operators have been unable to fly since 2020, with the Karma reporting GPS signal and compass calibration issues. One user found a temporary workaround by resetting the controller and disabling the GPS. While the problem at first seemed like a GPS and GLONASS clock rollover issue, GoPro wrote that the issue was related to problems connecting to the World Magnetic Model "when we clicked over to 2020."

GoPro hasn't had much luck with the Karma, which launched to tepid sales, had a recall right after launch and was discontinued after just two years. With the latest problem, it continues to be a time and money sinkhole for GoPro, which has nevertheless promised to support it for an unspecified period of time.