Korg unveils a full-sized, assembly-free MS-20

It's one-for-one remake of the original plus a few modern amenities and cool new colors.

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The Korg MS-20 is an undeniable classic. It's been reborn as an app. As a shrunken-down mini model. As a DIY kit. And then as a DIY kit again, but without the keyboard. Until now though, there hasn't been a ready-to-roll, full-size reissue. But for NAMM 2020 Korg is going all in on the nostalgia with a faithful to a fault rendition of the MS-20 -- right down to the packaging and manual.

This is a 100-percent accurate recreation of the original analog circuitry found in the 1978 classic. The heart and soul is the same monophonic dual oscillator set up, each with a voltage controlled amp, filter and envelope generator. Plus a single LFO. And just for completeness sake, Korg included the ability to choose between the early model or late model style filter (the original versions were a little noisier and more aggressive).

But, there have been some concessions made to modernity. First and foremost you've got both 5-pin MIDI in, as well USB for connecting to modern gear and computers. Plus, the reissue comes in four colors -- green, white, blue and black. Personally, I'm pretty into the green version.

All of this sounds pretty great, so what am I talking about when I say faithful to a fault? Well, just like the original this MS-20 uses larger 1/4-inch cables for patching rather than the more standard 1/8-inch you find on most modern systems (including the MS-20 Mini) and Eurorack.

There's no word on pricing yet, but it's safe to assume it will be at least as much as the MS-20 Mini ($460) if not more when it lands in April of this year.

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