Apple is offering onsite repairs in some US cities

You might not have to lug your Mac to the store for an in-person fix.

For the longest time, getting repairs for an Apple device as an everyday user has usually meant either visiting a store or mailing it in -- and both are pains if you either don't have the time or would rather not lug a heavy iMac or Mac Pro to the local mall. If you live in the right city, though, you might not have to. MacRumors has noticed that Apple is now offering onsite service in a handful of US cities, including Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco. As with many services like this, Apple appears to be using a contractor (Go Tech Services) and asks you to book an appointment that might include an "onsite visit fee" in addition to any costs for the repair itself.

We've asked Apple if it can elaborate on the service, including when it started and whether there are expansion plans.

The company already offers onsite fixes for enterprise customers, and they'll get better service in key areas. They get one-hour response times for key problems, for instance. There are also some repairs that will require a trek to a store no matter what, such as an iPhone battery replacement. Even so, this is a big deal if you'd prefer Apple to fit your schedule instead of the other way around.