Video leak appears to show Samsung's foldable Galaxy Z Flip in action

Get ready for a very tall screen.

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Ben Geskin, Twitter
Ben Geskin, Twitter

There might not be much mystery left to Samsung's clamshell foldable phone. Frequent leak sharer Ben Geskin has posted a video of what looks like a prototype of the Galaxy Z Flip. Much like the rumors have suggested, the device really does appear to be a modernized take on the classic flip phone. It's a compact device with a tiny external display when folded shut, but it expands to reveal a very tall display when you pop it open.

The brief clip doesn't reveal much of anything about the specs, although it does show two cameras on the outside and a hole-punch camera for selfies. Earlier rumors had the Z Flip using a 6.7-inch, 2,636 x 1,080 screen with more durable extra-thin glass in lieu of plastic. It would run on a slightly older Snapdragon 855 Plus chip with 8GB of RAM and wouldn't have a headphone jack or a microSD slot, but it would include 256GB of built-in storage.

The handset may make an appearance at Samsung's Unpacked event on February 11th and might even be available soon afterward. Get ready to pay a premium, though. While there's a good chance this will cost less than the $1,980 Galaxy Fold, foldable display technology is still new enough that it could easily cost more than the upcoming Galaxy S20.

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