'Halo: Combat Evolved' remaster is now available for PC

Play the original game updated for the modern era.

It took a while, but the remastered version of the original Halo has finally reached PCs. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is now available as part of the Master Chief Collection through Steam, the Microsoft Store and the Xbox Game Pass PC beta. It boasts the requisite visual tune-ups, including support for 4K and ultra-wide displays, but also throws in modern creature comforts like text chat, customizable key layouts and a 3D model view for customizing your Spartan. You can even flip between classic and Anniversary audio in multiplayer matches, depending on how nostalgic you're feeling.

The launch of Halo: CE also brings tweaks across MCC, such as push-to-talk voice chat, per-game key bindings and an improved crouch mechanic.

The whole collection sells for $40 if you aren't using Xbox Game Pass, although you can buy most individual games for $10. There's little doubt that Halo: CE is the star of the show for many people. It's not just the game that launched the series -- for many, it was their first experience with pioneering gameplay elements that, in some cases, define first-person shooters to this day.