'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' has a Tamagotchi that's hungry for kills

It's called a Tomogunchi and it feeds on death.

Companion pets are a fairly standard feature in a lot of games – from Fortnite to Skyrim, you've got the option to have a furry friend accompany you on your adventure. And now Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is joining the fray. Don't expect any cute and cuddlies, though. Your operator's companion comes in the form of a Tamagotchi -- or in this case, a Tomogunchi. And you feed it with death.

Your Tomogunchi is strapped to your wrist, and comes with four moods: hungry, dirty, unruly and sleepy. But instead of keeping it happy with tasty treats and hugs -- à la the 90s -- your little guy can only be satiated with kills, objective scoring, killstreaks and wins. If your combat rampages are successful, your Tomogunchi will grow into a child, a teen and then an adult. Fail, and it'll wither and eventually die.

To get your own death-eating cohort, head to the Modern Warfare store and purchase the Tomogunchi Bundle. Yes, it'll cost you 1000 CoD Points (around $10/£8). Then, during your loadout selection, go to the Weapons tab, locate the Watch Select menu, and equip your new pal. Here's a tip: use the "Watch Interact" gesture to bank bonus charges to keep your pet happier for longer.