'The Outer Worlds' is about to get a fix for its tiny in-game text

No more squinting at dialog.

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Private Division
Private Division

If there's one major criticism of The Outer Worlds, it's surely the bewilderingly tiny text size used for menus and dialogs. Squinting and scooching does not make for enjoyable game play, and for those with visual impairments, it renders the game unplayable. But that's about to change.

Over on Twitter, Outer Worlds UI developer @NateElCabro revealed that he's spent the last three months working on font scaling, and it's going to drop "very soon." Developing this kind of update retroactively is no small challenge, but players will now get a customized slider to make conversations, subtitles and examinables even larger.

The announcement has been met with a lot of relief -- and excitement. Several players on Twitter have even said that the update will encourage them to return to the game, having given up on it for the sake of their eyesight. And, of course, it makes it accessible to those who couldn't even consider the game in the first place.

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