Tesla's one millionth car is a Model Y

Elon Musk celebrates the millionth car off his company's production line.

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Tesla has reached one of its goals, which once sounded a bit too lofty and ambitious: manufacturing one million electric vehicles by 2020. Company chief Elon Musk has shared a couple of images on Twitter congratulating his team for making Tesla's 1 millionth car. One of the photos is a red Model Y, most likely the millionth EV to come off its production line, while the other is the same car surrounded by company personnel.

There was a time when even the company's executives admitted that they might not hit a million cars this year and only reach a number close to it. And that seemed to be a likely scenario for a while, considering Tesla suffered from production woes affecting the Model 3 over the past few years.

Still, the achievement didn't come out of left field: Tesla is thriving in the US market, whereas its competitors are having a hard time time selling EVs in the country. Its car shipments even grew by 50 percent last year, thanks to the success of the Model 3 sedan. The company is also expected to start shipping its Model Y crossover SUVs, the same vehicle in Musk's photos, within the next few days.

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