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The Morning After: Tesla might build a Cybertruck plant in 'central USA'

And 2K Sports is back in the NFL business.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

I've been waiting for another NFL-licensed 2K football game since ESPN NFL 2K5 on the original Xbox, and it appears the wait might be over. On Tuesday morning, 2K announced it has a new deal with the NFL to make non-simulation NFL games, which could hint at something in the mold of NFL Street or NBA Playgrounds -- an ideal situation for me, since I'm a little past my prime for managing audibles and route combinations on the fly.

Still, the most interesting thing about this news is that the NFL's exclusive deal with EA and its Madden franchise will reportedly expire after the 2021 season. While I'll take what I can get for now, a true NFL 2K game is what I'm really hoping to see for 2022.

-- Richard

Gigafactory Texas?Tesla builds its millionth car and scouts new manufacturing locations

Within 24 hours, Elon Musk tweeted a picture of Tesla's millionth car -- a red Model Y that, according to our friends at Autoblog, appears to have the Performance Upgrade packages -- and speculated on locations for new factories. The auto and space exec suggested a Cybertruck plant for "central USA" (he's previously floated the idea of Texas gigafactory) and a Model Y facility on the East Coast.

Erasing the edges is one way to show off tech leadership.Why the tech world is waging war on bezels

We live in an age of disappearing borders -- on our screens. Devindra Hardawar takes a look at the design trends on TVs, laptops, tablets and phones to see where all that extra plastic is going and why manufacturers keep pushing for seamless screens.

Even if Google I/O is off, the leaks are still coming.Pixel 4a leak video dives into the phone's most intimate details

Remember all the Pixel 3a leaks last year? We may be in for a similar situation with Google's next midrange phone -- a Cuban YouTube channel showed video of what it's claiming is the Pixel 4a. The plastic-bodied device reportedly has a headphone jack, a 5.8-inch display and Snapdragon 730 CPU inside along with 64GB of storage and 6GB of RAM.

What can't Dyson re-engineer in a more expensive way?Dyson's Corrale is a $500 straightening iron with over-engineered plates

The Corrale is Dyson's new cordless straightening iron, and it's supposed to provide "all the same styling with half the damage" of a conventional straightener. It's also the first Dyson beauty product not to use the company's air-multiplier technology. Its trick feature relies on flexing manganese-copper alloy plates to apply the same pressure to all of your hair at once.

The company claims that because the iron applies pressure consistently,it will require fewer strokes and lower heat for the same effect, with less mechanical damage to your hair. Cherlynn Low got an in-person demo and came away impressed but still thinking most people don't need to spend $500 on a straightening iron.

Pricey.Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 true wireless earbuds review

The third generation of B&O's E8 wireless earbuds provide good sound, wireless charging and solid battery life. However, as Billy Steele explains, skipping over active noise cancellation and automatic pausing makes them tough to recommend at $350.

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