Helicopters come to 'Fortnite'


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Epic Games
Epic Games

Helipads have been mysteriously popping up all over the Fortnite map since the start of the season, so today's new vehicle announcement doesn't come as too much of a surprise. In keeping with this season's spy theme, Fortnite has added helicopters. Or to give them their correct name, Choppas.

The new aerial vehicles can be found on helipads around the island's secret bases. They'll fit a squad, and while they don't come with any weaponry attached players can hang off the side and shoot from above. It's the first new vehicle to arrive in Fortnite for a long time, no doubt launched in response to complaints about the lack of mobility across the map in season one.

Interestingly, Call of Duty: Warzone launched last week and counts helicopters as a vehicle. Obviously, this isn't a direct copy -- Fortnite's helipads have been lurking around for a while, after all -- but it does demonstrate the ever-present popularity of battle royale games across the board. Whether you're shooting 'em up in a cartoon-like fantasyland, or battling in a more grizzly reality, being able to take to the skies is a major advantage.

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