Google debuts 'Works With Chromebook' badge for accessories

Certified products will first be available in the US, Canada and Japan.

If you've ever bought a cable, a charger or any other accessory that ended up incompatible with the device it's meant for, you'll likely appreciate Google's latest "Works With" badge. The tech giant has debuted the "Works With Chromebook" logo, which can give you a sure way to know that you're not wasting your money on something you can't use with a Chromebook device.

Google says all accessories with the badge have been tested and are guaranteed to comply with Chromebook's compatibility standards. Thus far, the company has certified products from several famous brands, including Anker, Kensington and Logitech. Also, certified products will initially be available in the US, Canada and Japan before they make their way to other countries. You can keep an eye out for accessories with the badge on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Bic Camera in Japan.