Comcast brings Hulu to its cable and streaming boxes

It arrives on Xfinity Flex today and X1 soon.

Comcast has already relaxed some of its policies -- like suspending data caps and making Xfinity WiFi free for 60 days -- for people stuck at home due to the coronavirus. Now, Comcast wants to provide customers with more content to watch while they're social distancing. Today, it's bringing Hulu to Xfinity Flex, and the streaming app will arrive on X1 soon.

Xfinity Flex customers will be able to log into Hulu, alongside other apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and HBO. Hulu will work with the Xfinity Voice Remote, and Hulu programming will show up in the Flex and X1 guides, so users will be able to search "New on Hulu" or "Best of Hulu" with the voice remote.

Comcast recently made Xfinity Flex available to its internet-only customers at no additional cost. It's been steadily adding services, like Amazon Music, CBS All Access and NBC's Sports Gold. It's not surprising that it would add Hulu, as the streaming service is owned by Comcast and Disney. But the additional programming couldn't come at a better time.