GameStop will sell 'Doom Eternal' a day early as a 'safety precaution'

The company wants to stagger the 'Doom' / 'Animal Crossing' crowds.

Right now, companies are doing their best to navigate an unprecedented global crisis, seeking ways to remain profitable while contributing to the social good. Discord, for example, has relaxed its user limits on streaming. Uber Eats, meanwhile, has waived delivery fees for independent restaurants. Now GameStop has made its efforts known: it will be selling Doom Eternal a day early in a bid to reduce crowding at its stores.

The game was due for release on March 20th -- the same day as Animal Crossing: New Horizons drops. In a tweet, GameStop said it would be selling Doom a day early as a "safety precaution" and to adhere to social distancing guidelines. The move has obviously been welcomed by Doom fans, although it may not be particularly celebrated by the wider community, with many questioning why the store is open at all during this precarious time.

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