After Math: We're not ready for the new normal

All is well.


We're in uncharted waters here, folks. The new reality that we're collectively facing really began to sink in this past week as ever-greater numbers of Americans have been told to practice social isolation and stay away from public gatherings as much as possible. Here are some of the headlines from the past week that I, for one, never thought this outlet would ever write.

NASCAR is replacing canceled races with esports featuring pro drivers

Not even NASCAR is taking chances with the health of its athletes and fans. The racing league announced last week that it will replace its marathon-length live events with 90-minute competitions with its marquee racers competing in "simulation-style" esports contests. This is the Rugby 7s of motorsports and we're here for it.

Without soccer, fans and teams are turning to FIFA

The FIFA 2020 season, like the rest of sports, has been canceled. But that hasn't stopped football fans from watching their heroes compete on a virtual pitch. More than 60,000 people tuned in to switch last week to watch Borja Iglesias for Real Betis and Sergio Reguilon for Sevilla compete head to head in lieu of their canceled derby.

Conan O'Brien will shoot full-length shows using an iPhone and Skype

Only one of America's top five late-night talk show hosts has the courage, conviction, and wherewithal to keep filming their series in the plague era. And that host is Conan O'Brien who will be coming to America's living rooms via his living room (and a Skype connection) in the coming weeks.

DoorDash will temporarily reduce or waive its commission fees

Given our newfound reliance on take-out and delivery orders, it would have been easy for DoorDash to continue enforcing its predatory 30 percent per order commissions. But the situation is so dire these days that the company has announced that it will forego up to $100 million in revenue over the next 30 days in order to give local restaurants a financial break. Such largesse.

Apple MacBook Air (2020) first look: Buy it for the keyboard

I can't think of a more clear-cut sign as to the seriousness of the coronavius outbreak than the fact that Apple unveiled its brand new $1000 MacBook Air model boasting a 12-hour battery life and i3 (upgradeable to i7) Intel chipsets last week and barely anybody even noticed.